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"Important information to understand the phenomenon, eliminating the fear of the unexplained."


Dictations and messages to awaken the Children of the Light to the present earth changes and how to adapt to the rising frequency of the planet. Are the end times here? The Incas, the Anasazi, Mayan Prophesy, the Bible, including Sacred Texts of  Ancient Civilizations have given prophesy to the earth changes that are currently upon us.

Are the end times really here? Who are the Children of the Light?  What about Ancient America and it's new destiny into the "Golden Age?" Who are the Angels in Form? Are the Ascended Masters the Ancient Ones? These are all serious questions being asked.

Approximately 60 million enlightened souls known as the "Children of the Light" have embodied on the planet through the normal birth process. They are also currently known as the Indigo Children, the Blue Children, the Green Ray Children, the Violet Children, and countless other names given to these special persons. Only 5 to 10 million may awaken to their true purpose, which is to be of service to humanity, while the remaining group becoming stuck in this three-dimensional environment during the end times of the "Grand Cycle" which is causing the current Earth Changes. These individuals known as the  "Children of the Light" must awaken!

Angels, Ascended Masters, the Ancient Ones, as guardians of the planet are here to guide and eliminate the impending fear. This website contains a series of "Messages & Dictations" for those seekers of the Light and for all the Light Workers in preparation for these Earth Changes in answer to the question, "Are these the end times?"

There is a connection with the giant pyramid of Gizah, the Mayan Pyramids, and other ancient sites located in the Americas in relationship to the status of "Mankind's Evolution," and those stuck in the "Four Lower Quadrant" of Anger, Hate, Guilt & Fear. These correspond to the elements of this three dimensional world. What can this connection be?

These messages and the book "A Step Into The Light" are not a part of the "Doom & Gloom" scenario that is overtaking the Masses (World Population) who are in fear of these rumors of the "end times." The book, as an enlightening foundation and a precious tool, along with the current messages and other books posted on this website will help to eliminate "The Fear" that is presently paralyzing mankind. It is an explanation as to what is occurring and how to adapt to the raising frequency of the planet that started accelerating in 1987.  In 1998 it became manifest  (as also prophesized by the Mayans) with an increase in Earth Changes and Earthquakes, which is now occurring, along with the World's Weather Patterns. Humanity is also reacting with violence around the planet brought on by tension resulting from this increase in frequency. We are here for the Adventure!

The author, as the chosen messenger, with personal spiritual contact and inspirations, has released these messages for those who have found this Web Site by accident, recommendation, Divine Intervention, word of mouth, or search engines. All visitors are welcome, as there isn't anything to belong to, no political, religious, or sectarian affiliations.

If one reads the FAQ's of The Messengers Of The Light on the left panel, you will find that there is a timeline for certain events and materials to be released coinciding with current Earth Changes and what many fear are the "end times."  Are you one of these "enlightened ones" the Messengers speak about?

The Messengers of the Light are here to awaken the "Children of the Light" to their pre-ordained purpose in life, and to help eliminate the "fear & darkness" that is consuming humanity.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Dear Visitors,

I have not received any Dictations from the Messengers of the Light since June 27, 2008 for the general public. This also occurred from July 8, 2000, and resumed on May 21, 2003. From my understanding, humanity is going through a time of "tests & trials." Not as a punishment, but rather as a learning experience. The planet, on the other hand, is going through a cleansing period. Meantime, the teachers remain silent while we go through our tests. Appropriately, the last Dictation given was on "Forgiveness."

 Since February 2009 many individuals have become sick or crossed over. I have posted a Dictation given on May 18, 2005 "Change The Mental & Emotional, Heal the Physical, which may shed some light and create healing. Also, please read my current Messages for the Children of the Light, Earthquake Predictions and Earth Changes Forecast postings with personal comments below. Please scroll down for current 2018 postings. PLM

Posting July 19, 2009

"Change The Mental & Emotional, Heal The Physical"

 Dictations By The Messengers

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Dictation June 27, 2008


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The "Archive Dictations" have also been cataloged with a "Table of Contents" and "Links" for easy access, study, and review! Click the button below to access the Archive Dictations from 1998 to the year 2005.

No Dictations were released from July 9, 2000 through May 20, 2003.




Messages For The Children of the Light

Earthquake Predictions & Earth Changes Forecasts For 2019


Postings By The Author

Peter L. Martinez

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“The Children of the Light”


March 17, 2019  Re: A New Positive Beginning, Creativity, Entitlement


Once again, it is important for everyone to understand that this website is specifically for the Awakening Children of the Light. In the beginning, some of the subjects may be difficult to understand; but of course, everyone is welcome; especially, if by coincidence or unusual circumstance, you have been drawn from different parts of the world to this site. Trust your heart, as there is nothing to belong to, other than what opens and shines from within as your own Truth/Light, and not from what is written on this site.


A New Positive Beginning at a Higher Level of Consciousness

We are now in the middle of March 2019, and hopefully everyone is “adapting” to the new frequency that the planet and humanity have elevated to. January and February were difficult months for most of humanity; not understanding that this change is important, and that which no longer serves a purpose, starts to fade away. We must learn to “adapt” to the coming changes at each new level of awakening.


As seen in the evening news, those who try to hold on to old principles that no longer serve, have the most difficult time. We are in a time of change, in the third year of a nine year cycle, and we all must learn to “adapt” and forgive in order to let go of the past. Old negative memories become excess baggage that may hold one back from new opportunities. (Learn to forgive and let go of the past. See Chapter 8 “Transmutation” in “A Step Into The Light.” Download a free copy.

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January 17, 2019 Re: Anger, Ascension, Full Moon Cycle


“From a higher evolved frequency, the trinity of Love, Peace, and Harmony is the “One Law of the Universe.” At a lower frequency, in this school called earth, Anger, Hate, Guilt, and Fear, are the “dark frequencies” that holds undeveloped mankind hostage to the elements. The planet is beginning a current cycle wherein a great multitude may “ascend” and rise above.”      


Many Children of the Light may exhibit one element out of these four that holds them hostage. Through the inspirations received, we are also in a cycle of “anger,” as will be seen in the evening news. How many times a week do you get angry? Or, how many times a year do you get angry? But even yet, how many times in three years to get angry? The goal is not to react with anger.



As the planet increases in frequency, as a test, it creates tension and many individuals will be driven over the edge by not being in control. One can no longer use the common excuses, “Someone else made me angry.” Understand that no one has the power to get you angry! You give your power away the minute you step out of your “ring pass not” of protection by reacting to the anger. When you react, you are now part of the problem!


Intelligent, nice people may now do crazy stupid things that they will later regret in a moment of anger. Know that you are being tested, regardless at what higher frequencies you resonate or what dark frequencies you reside in. The element of “anger” is here to teach one and all. Even subtle anger is self-defeating!   Read More......)




January 6, 2019  Re: Leaders & Governments, Sensitives, Health


Through the inspirations received, we are once again reminded that the One Law the Universe is Love, Peace, and Harmony. That we are all brothers and sisters of the Divine. It does not matter to what lower depths of darkness one may fall, or to what higher levels of consciousness one may achieve, we are still brothers and sisters that must help one another in this school called earth.


The goal for all awakening Children of the Light in 2019 is to rise above the elements of “undeveloped mankind” who exhibit anger, hate, guilt, and fear.


Through the inspirations received, in 2019, leaders and governments of the world will have to “adapt” to the “coming changes” to the World and their present state of government. America is in the forefront at this precise moment in time in terms of government. Everyone is asked to radiate light immediately to all in government.


Many Children of the Light of all ages will now start to create this change. Some are awake and some are not; however, all will be about their preordained work to be done within the Divine Plan. They will be the “catalyst” of change. Most will have assistance by “facilitators” who will be in the background of this change. The Children of the Light, as the “catalyst,” will be in the forefront, and most will be in the public eye.


The Facilitators and Catalyst of Change      Read More......)





January 1st, 2019  Re:  Happy New Year


I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.


We are now in the 3rd year of the Nine Year Cycle of an expansion of light. The following will be important for all awakening Children of the Light in 2019!

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December 21, 2018  Re:  Awakening Indigos, Remedy, The Name “Christ”


It is important to remind all new visitors that this website is specifically for the “Children of the Light” that are starting to awaken; especially, during the coming new cycle of 2019. But of course, everyone is welcome. However, in the beginning, some of the subjects spoken may be difficult to understand and assimilate.


A fascinating thing is that certain visitors immediately resonate with some of the subjects spoken and they start to remember. But amazingly, they can’t remember what it is they are remembering, which of course is a paradox. And this starts the search for the “light of understanding” which opens up, as certain things begin to touch the heart.


Through the inspirations given, those who are called “Children of the Light” may awaken in different stages of their life. Some young children, at the age of five on up, start talking about fascinating things; but unfortunately, the parent that doesn’t understand, starts telling them that it is all in their imagination. This can stifle the child. Listen to your children and express interest in their gift by writing things down. Your interest will expand through their awakening process. Nevertheless, most will awaken later in life.


Those individuals between the ages of 45 to the late 50s seem to have the most difficult time in the awakening process. Those over 60 and into their 90’s, usually become the Observer, and accept the awakening process with open arms. Most of these will be the “Violet Children” as “beacons of light.” They radiate light to all areas of darkness, from the comfort of their home. (In “three minutes” or less.) We all know the speed of light!


The Awakening Indigo Children   Read More......)





Posting Nov. 29, 2018 Re: A Step Into The Light, Co-Create, Law of Attraction


2018 is not over yet, and we should prepare for the month of December, especially for creative individuals, or those that have projects that they want to finalize, or those who plan to start fresh with “creative intent” in 2019. You do not have to be an active creative person to benefit from this month, but it is important not to be distracted. Plan ahead and write things down. See this coming month, as an “adventure in life,” by adapting!


Time to Review “A Step Into The Light” & Co-Create

I would highly recommend that everyone review and read the book, “A Step into the Light” at least a chapter a week. Especially, as we transition into 2019. It explains that we are here to co-create with the Divine Source. It also states that if we, individually and apart from God; that we cannot create an “original idea” or create an “original project,” as everything already has been created within the “Mind’s Eye” of the Divine Source.


Once we understand that we are actually co-creating with the Divine Source in everything we do, we then imbue our co-creation with “positive or negative” energy, which is within the Law of Polarities; and most importantly, Free Will. Afterwards, we must transmute all negative energy back to the light. That which is positive becomes beneficial. Eventually, we learn to co-create everything within the light, free of darkness. Download a free copy of “A Step into the Light” at:  


The planet is rising and increasing in frequency, which creates a time of change for the better. Everyone on the planet is co-creating and attracting their own reality within the Divine Source. There is no punishment!

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"A Step into The Light"

According to the Messengers of the Light, the "second coming" is awakening in the "heart center" to all of humanity that are now in the process of releasing the elements of the "four lower quadrant" of undeveloped mankind. We must daily acknowledge, release, and transmute Anger, Hate, Guilt, and most importantly, Fear, in order to have Love, Peace & Harmony in our hearts. It is time to adapt to the rising frequency of the planet, release and transcend the quadrant, and enjoy life. (I highly encourage everyone to read the book  "A Step Into The Light." If you are a skeptic, or even if you just want a free eBook download, follow the below link and you will get one free. This ebook by the Messengers has a certain energy that each time you read it, you awaken to additional higher truths. There are no strings attached. Download it now and start reading immediately.  PLM) 



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Please read the "free" immediate downloads of the book "Relationships" and "Dependency On Drugs & Alcohol." There is so much information on these two subjects that will change your life. (If you have never downloaded an eBook, it is very simple. You will be given simple instructions when you visit Blue Gem Download the free eBooks and you can start reading immediately. Or you can read it online. Even a child can download with the instructions given. Please do not hesitate to access this "free" information.

"Relationships" is an uplifting book with information by the Messengers of the Light that you will not find anywhere. It speaks about unbalanced relationships, soul mates, business relationships, and family relationships, with many examples and interesting topics that will bring awareness.

The eBook chapter of the title "Dependency On Drugs & Alcohol" (and those that we believe we love, and all other vices) will give you knowledge that will surprise and may save someone's life. Scroll down on the left panel on this webpage. Do it now, and start reading immediately. Just click on the book cover to visit Blue Gem Books, it is free.  PLM.


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