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"Important information to understand the phenomenon, eliminating the fear of the unexplained."


Dictations and messages to awaken the Children of the Light to the present earth changes and how to adapt to the rising frequency of the planet. Are the end times here? The Incas, the Anasazi, Mayan Prophesy, the Bible, including Sacred Texts of  Ancient Civilizations have given prophesy to the earth changes that are currently upon us.

Are the end times really here? Who are the Children of the Light?  What about Ancient America and it's new destiny into the "Golden Age?" Who are the Angels in Form? Are the Ascended Masters the Ancient Ones? These are all serious questions being asked.

Approximately 60 million enlightened souls known as the "Children of the Light" have embodied on the planet through the normal birth process. They are also currently known as the Indigo Children, the Blue Children, the Green Ray Children, the Violet Children, and countless other names given to these special persons. Only 5 to 10 million may awaken to their true purpose, which is to be of service to humanity, while the remaining group becoming stuck in this three-dimensional environment during the end times of the "Grand Cycle" which is causing the current Earth Changes. These individuals known as the  "Children of the Light" must awaken!

Angels, Ascended Masters, the Ancient Ones, as guardians of the planet are here to guide and eliminate the impending fear. This website contains a series of "Messages & Dictations" for those seekers of the Light and for all the Light Workers in preparation for these Earth Changes in answer to the question, "Are these the end times?"

There is a connection with the giant pyramid of Gizah, the Mayan Pyramids, and other ancient sites located in the Americas in relationship to the status of "Mankind's Evolution," and those stuck in the "Four Lower Quadrant" of Anger, Hate, Guilt & Fear. These correspond to the elements of this three dimensional world. What can this connection be?

These messages and the book "A Step Into The Light" are not a part of the "Doom & Gloom" scenario that is overtaking the Masses (World Population) who are in fear of these rumors of the "end times." The book, as an enlightening foundation and a precious tool, along with the current messages and other books posted on this website will help to eliminate "The Fear" that is presently paralyzing mankind. It is an explanation as to what is occurring and how to adapt to the raising frequency of the planet that started accelerating in 1987.  In 1998 it became manifest  (as also prophesized by the Mayans) with an increase in Earth Changes and Earthquakes, which is now occurring, along with the World's Weather Patterns. Humanity is also reacting with violence around the planet brought on by tension resulting from this increase in frequency. We are here for the Adventure!

The author, as the chosen messenger, with personal spiritual contact and inspirations, has released these messages for those who have found this Web Site by accident, recommendation, Divine Intervention, word of mouth, or search engines. All visitors are welcome, as there isn't anything to belong to, no political, religious, or sectarian affiliations.

If one reads the FAQ's of The Messengers Of The Light on the left panel, you will find that there is a timeline for certain events and materials to be released coinciding with current Earth Changes and what many fear are the "end times."  Are you one of these "enlightened ones" the Messengers speak about?

The Messengers of the Light are here to awaken the "Children of the Light" to their pre-ordained purpose in life, and to help eliminate the "fear & darkness" that is consuming humanity.

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Dear Visitors,

I have not received any Dictations from the Messengers of the Light since June 27, 2008 for the general public. This also occurred from July 8, 2000, and resumed on May 21, 2003. From my understanding, humanity is going through a time of "tests & trials." Not as a punishment, but rather as a learning experience. The planet, on the other hand, is going through a cleansing period. Meantime, the teachers remain silent while we go through our tests. Appropriately, the last Dictation given was on "Forgiveness."

 Since February 2009 many individuals have become sick or crossed over. I have posted a Dictation given on May 18, 2005 "Change The Mental & Emotional, Heal the Physical, which may shed some light and create healing. Also, please read my current Messages for the Children of the Light, Earthquake Predictions and Earth Changes Forecast postings with personal comments below. Please scroll down for current 2016 postings. PLM

Posting July 19, 2009

"Change The Mental & Emotional, Heal The Physical"

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Dictation June 27, 2008


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No Dictations were released from July 9, 2000 through May 20, 2003.




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Peter L. Martinez

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“The Children of the Light”


Posting August 26, 2016  Re: Ring Pass Not, End of Cycle, Mother Nature

Once again, welcome everyone to these postings; however, keep in mind that this website is specifically for the Children of the Light who are awakening to higher levels of consciousness. The Messengers of the Light ask not to believe in the words written or spoken, but rather, except only that which opens up in your individual heart as “Truth.”


From the inspirations received, 2016 is a very special year for all inhabitants on the planet. Everything that exists here and throughout the Cosmos is God Energy. This includes every single molecule, to every single creature, and everything that exists is in essence, our brother & sister. But at a lower level of consciousness, as we view and participate in the outside world, it can seem very dangerous and difficult to accept.


The next level of acceptance is being able to view this life as a school of our own making, and our own participation, but we do not remember that we chose to be here. Those who have awakened to this, see each day as a new adventure in life regardless of what circumstances we find ourselves in. The amazing thing is that when the awakening Child of the Light, regardless of age, learns to use the “Light,” as taught by the Master,,,,,, life does become and adventure! “All the things I do, you can also do, and do them better. Greater works shall thou do!” This does allow freedom in our lives!


The “Ring Pass Not”

The first step in achieving this “freedom & adventure” is to awaken yourself to this “ring” which is the outer perimeter of your aura. All you have to do is to “think it” in place. It is very simple, or you can use the “power of the word” with the affirmation: “I surround myself with my “ring pass not” radiating Love, Peace, and Harmony.” You have now taken your “power” back! Nothing can enter or trespass beyond this ring, as far as “energy, force and substance” is concerned. Remember that only you will allow this intrusion either by negligence or temptation, which will pull you out of your energy field. More......)






Posting July 15, 2016  Re: The Light, The Four Lower Quadrant, Quakes


In the beginning, God said, “LET THERE BE LIGHT.” Through the ages, humanity has had a difficult time understanding the LIGHT. According to the 12 most popular versions of the Bible, scholars state that the word “Light” is mentioned approximately 2,869 times, yet most readers of the Bible are completely unaware of its true significance, or how it works.


Jesus, along with many Ascended Master Teachers, who also teach the Children of the Light around the planet; all radiate and guide everyone who is ready to receive the true workings of the Light! Sometimes it comes through dreams, visions, inspiration, or even small bursts of awakenings. Whatever comes to you, write it down the moment you receive it, as it will be personal to you. I am constantly being reminded to “write things down,” especially during this expansion of light, and with all the current world distractions. This increase in frequency also causes a temporary relapse in memory regardless of your age.


We are also reminded that life is a school of our own making and our own participation. It is not exactly the same as how we understand a regular school, as it all works with energy, frequency, and vibration. Everyone creates their own world along with their own lessons in life in a subconscious manner by these 3 forces within the “Law of Threes.” (Science is God Energy!)     More......)






Posting June 1, 2016  Re:  The Violet (Children of the Light), Transmutation


Children of the Light, in their awakening, resonate at different levels of consciousness. Some are quite advanced, and others, now begin to understand that there is more to life at their present level of awakening. As one can see, they all resonate, not only in frequency, but in a variety of colors similar to a rainbow. The Indigo Children, in recent years, have had the most notoriety, as they are the active participants of change. You will see these individuals, as young as three years old on up to their 90’s in the evening news creating change, or bringing attention/light to areas in need in order to further help humanity. Some know exactly what their work is, and others who are not awake, do things because it's the right thing to do. They just follow their heart!


The Violet “Children of the Light”

As we go through this new expansion of light entering the month of June, more Violet Children will now start to awaken in their ability to radiate light to all areas of darkness. We all know the speed of light, and this new groupings will now help humanity, along with all leaders on the planet. These new groupings are also known as the “beacons of light;” however, everyone can participate as a “beacon” during these times of change.


These individuals, from the comfort of their homes, do not get distracted by what is going on in the world, and in less than 3 minutes, their service is done by radiating light to areas of darkness within humanity and the planet. They then go about their personal business with no further concern. In due time, change will manifest according to everyone’s Divine Plan. The Violet “color or frequency” is at the top of the color spectrum, and those that understand the words of the Master, know that they are in this frequency of “ascension into the Light,” which is in their realm of being accomplished. They are in the frequency of the Master’s words, “I And The Father Are One.”


Most of these individuals, at first, may find this too incredible to believe that they are these eligible ones. Most feel that they still have many faults and are not worthy at this particular time. When we can understand that “The All That Is,” the entire Universe and everything that exists, is God Energy, we will further understand other teachings of Light. Other teachings state that if we balance at least 51% of our Karma, we no longer have to incarnate into this three-dimensional world, unless we want to be of service. That is precisely why many Children of the Light who have been born during these exciting times, who are eligible, are not awake to this possibility. Do you vibrate with the Violet/Purple frequency?  More......)



Posting May 26, 2016  Re:  Learn to Adapt, The Awakening Children of the Light

As we come to the end of this fifth month of the year, looking back, we may find that most of what has occurred may fit into three categories. For most of undeveloped mankind it has been life as usual with all it’s up and downs along with great agitation. In the second category, are those who are not “awake to these principles” and may have gone through a very rough and difficult time during this “expansion of light.” In the third category, those that are awake and understand the principles in the book “A Step Into The Light” may have had a much easier time by working with the “light.”

The frequency of the planet is constantly expanding, but humanity only becomes aware when certain areas reach a breaking point, both with physical atrocities to other human beings, or its effects on the planet such as earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

Learn to Adapt   

What makes it so difficult, as we go through these changes, is that, principles and methods that we relied upon in the past do not seem to work at this time. Every three years a new wave of change comes upon us during these accelerated times, and can be overwhelming as things steadily increase. Life can be difficult, especially if we become stubborn to change. Science tells us that the Universe is expanding; and accordingly, this particular planet is increasing in frequency/light. At a “higher level of consciousness” we can see the correlation in the spiritual belief of the second coming of the Christ. (Christ meaning “Light.”) At another level of consciousness, this is also the awakening of the “heart center” where the Divine Spark of Light opens up to the Children of the Light as taught by the Master. This is when we awaken to the knowledge of the workings of the light by being patient and learning to “adapt.” More......)




Posting April 3, 2016  Re: The Vertical Polarity, World Leaders, April/New Moon


“The one law of the universe is LOVE, PEACE & HARMONY. The Divine Source of Light, the Divine Essence mankind calls God is in a constant state of perfection; a spectacular Radiance of Light Energy where no form of darkness can exist. Punishment is a human trait! That which is perfect does not judge, condemn, or criticize, as taught by the Master. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” On the third day, resurrected in a Blaze of Light, and later ascended to the Father, the “Divine Source.”


It is important to always feel what is in your heart, and use common sense in all that you allow within the aura of your “ring in pass not,” especially with belief systems. Truth can only be revealed from the heart. By neither accepting nor rejecting that which you may not presently understand, truth from the heart will awaken within; otherwise, it will slowly fade away.


The most difficult statement to accept by “undeveloped mankind” is that every human being on the planet is our brother or sister. Some are in the light, and some are in the dark, as life is a school of our own making and our own participation. We co-create our lessons in life, consciously or subconsciously, both the good, and most importantly, that which we perceive as being bad. There are two types of polarities. One is horizontal and the other is vertical. Chapter 12 “The Feeling Nature In The Spiritual Body” explains the “vertical polarity” in great detail as to the polarities of light and dark. All creative individuals are encouraged to read this chapter.     More......)




"A Step into The Light"

According to the Messengers of the Light, the "second coming" is awakening in the "heart center" to all of humanity that are now in the process of releasing the elements of the "four lower quadrant" of undeveloped mankind. We must daily acknowledge, release, and transmute Anger, Hate, Guilt, and most importantly, Fear, in order to have Love, Peace & Harmony in our hearts. It is time to adapt to the rising frequency of the planet, release and transcend the quadrant, and enjoy life. (I highly encourage everyone to read the book  "A Step Into The Light." If you are a skeptic, or even if you just want a free eBook download, follow the below link and you will get one free. This ebook by the Messengers has a certain energy that each time you read it, you awaken to additional higher truths. There are no strings attached. Download it now and start reading immediately.  PLM) 


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