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"Important information to understand the phenomenon, eliminating the fear of the unexplained."


Dictations and messages to awaken the Children of the Light to the present earth changes and how to adapt to the rising frequency of the planet. Are the end times here? The Incas, the Anasazi, Mayan Prophesy, the Bible, including Sacred Texts of  Ancient Civilizations have given prophesy to the earth changes that are currently upon us.

Are the end times really here? Who are the Children of the Light?  What about Ancient America and it's new destiny into the "Golden Age?" Who are the Angels in Form? Are the Ascended Masters the Ancient Ones? These are all serious questions being asked.

Approximately 60 million enlightened souls known as the "Children of the Light" have embodied on the planet through the normal birth process. They are also currently known as the Indigo Children, the Blue Children, the Green Ray Children, the Violet Children, and countless other names given to these special persons. Only 5 to 10 million may awaken to their true purpose, which is to be of service to humanity, while the remaining group becoming stuck in this three-dimensional environment during the end times of the "Grand Cycle" which is causing the current Earth Changes. These individuals known as the  "Children of the Light" must awaken!

Angels, Ascended Masters, the Ancient Ones, as guardians of the planet are here to guide and eliminate the impending fear. This website contains a series of "Messages & Dictations" for those seekers of the Light and for all the Light Workers in preparation for these Earth Changes in answer to the question, "Are these the end times?"

There is a connection with the giant pyramid of Gizah, the Mayan Pyramids, and other ancient sites located in the Americas in relationship to the status of "Mankind's Evolution," and those stuck in the "Four Lower Quadrant" of Anger, Hate, Guilt & Fear. These correspond to the elements of this three dimensional world. What can this connection be?

These messages and the book "A Step Into The Light" are not a part of the "Doom & Gloom" scenario that is overtaking the Masses (World Population) who are in fear of these rumors of the "end times." The book, as an enlightening foundation and a precious tool, along with the current messages and other books posted on this website will help to eliminate "The Fear" that is presently paralyzing mankind. It is an explanation as to what is occurring and how to adapt to the raising frequency of the planet that started accelerating in 1987.  In 1998 it became manifest  (as also prophesized by the Mayans) with an increase in Earth Changes and Earthquakes, which is now occurring, along with the World's Weather Patterns. Humanity is also reacting with violence around the planet brought on by tension resulting from this increase in frequency. We are here for the Adventure!

The author, as the chosen messenger, with personal spiritual contact and inspirations, has released these messages for those who have found this Web Site by accident, recommendation, Divine Intervention, word of mouth, or search engines. All visitors are welcome, as there isn't anything to belong to, no political, religious, or sectarian affiliations.

If one reads the FAQ's of The Messengers Of The Light on the left panel, you will find that there is a timeline for certain events and materials to be released coinciding with current Earth Changes and what many fear are the "end times."  Are you one of these "enlightened ones" the Messengers speak about?

The Messengers of the Light are here to awaken the "Children of the Light" to their pre-ordained purpose in life, and to help eliminate the "fear & darkness" that is consuming humanity.

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Dear Visitors,

I have not received any Dictations from the Messengers of the Light since June 27, 2008 for the general public. This also occurred from July 8, 2000, and resumed on May 21, 2003. From my understanding, humanity is going through a time of "tests & trials." Not as a punishment, but rather as a learning experience. The planet, on the other hand, is going through a cleansing period. Meantime, the teachers remain silent while we go through our tests. Appropriately, the last Dictation given was on "Forgiveness."

 Since February 2009 many individuals have become sick or crossed over. I have posted a Dictation given on May 18, 2005 "Change The Mental & Emotional, Heal the Physical, which may shed some light and create healing. Also, please read my current Messages for the Children of the Light, Earthquake Predictions and Earth Changes Forecast postings with personal comments below. Please scroll down for current 2018 postings. PLM

Posting July 19, 2009

"Change The Mental & Emotional, Heal The Physical"

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Dictation June 27, 2008


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No Dictations were released from July 9, 2000 through May 20, 2003.




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Postings By The Author

Peter L. Martinez

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“The Children of the Light”


Posting April 22, 2018  Re:  Indigo, Purple, & Violet Children


Once again, I would like to welcome everyone to these postings; most importantly, all new visitors. I must remind everyone that this website is specifically for the awakening Children of the Light, as many of the subjects and statements given may be difficult to understand and assimilate. But of course, everyone is welcome.


As humanity evolves at different levels of awakenings, eventually they start to sense and understand the workings of the light. This awakening process does not come from the outside, but rather, it starts awakening, as a spark of light within the “heart center” of each individual soul. At this point, each individual starts to remember. But at the beginning, they can’t understand what it is that they are remembering.


In the same manner that many individuals experience a feeling of “being born again” into a religion, which may be needed for their present state of evolution, the awakening Child of Light will experience this same feeling of “being born again,” but at a higher frequency that they do not understand. Some may abandon their present religions as they no longer have that need or desire. In their heart, there is this new sense of something “greater and more powerful” that is drawing them to venture out in search of this higher frequency. This is how primitive “undeveloped mankind” evolves in this school called earth, at each step of evolution, until they return and ascend back to the Divine Source of Light. (It is important to respect all manmade religions on the planet, as long as they do no harm to other human beings. Everyone is learning, and evolving at their own pace.)


The Fourth Month of April

For some reason, last year and again this year of 2018, the month of April seems to have awakened the “four lower quadrant” of anger, hate, guilt, and fear with humanity. This also corresponds with the four basic elements of nature, which are: fire/anger, earth/hate, water/guilt, and air/fear. As the planet increases in frequency, undeveloped mankind along with Mother Nature will reach “stress points” that may be released with devastating effects as seen in our daily news. From the inspirations received, one cannot have hate, guilt, or fear, unless we first experience the fire element of anger. It is recommended for the next three months that every morning before you start your day, state that you will not get angry or attract individuals who express anger. The following three-fold affirmation by St. Germain should be repeated daily:


“I will not be surprised, I will not be disappointed, and I will not have my feelings hurt.” 






Posting February 19, 2018  Re: Karma, Forgiveness, Transmutation


“We are at a time of change at all levels and frequencies. This will bring about all that has been hidden to the surface; by our actions, by the Law of Attraction, and by the balancing of Karma. Karma is not retribution, but rather a gift, so that all will learn when all that is hidden comes to the surface, or when it is forgiven. When one takes “responsibility” for their actions, Karma will then “serve you” in order to allow the spirit to reach “higher levels of enlightenment.” Karma is not punishment, which is a human trait. It is a blessing!


The greatest gift is “forgiveness” for the “self” and then those who may have suffered from our actions. When we forgive ourselves first, then forgive others, the Light will “transmute” all that has been hidden, with no need to “contaminate” others by bringing the matter to the surface.


The “Light” never fails; we may fail, but are never forsaken. The Divine Source is always in a State of Love, which everyone will one day achieve. Learn to forgive thyself first, then proceed to forgive others, which will allow one to be of “service” in the future, with the lessons learned and awakened. Be a Child of the Light by radiating Love, Peace, and Harmony to one and all. You are the Light!”



I am deeply touched by this inspiration received, especially with all that has been occurring lately and around the planet. For many individuals, it is difficult to accept the fact that at a higher level of consciousness, we are all brothers and sisters within the light. Undeveloped mankind, at lower levels of consciousness, doesn’t realize that life is a school of our own making, and our own participation in order to one day, all return to the light. This is the awakening process.


We all chose to be here. And at a higher level of consciousness, many volunteered to be victims, in order to help others learn and eventually advance to the light. This may be difficult to understand and accept, especially for those that are new to these postings; and most importantly, those who have lost loved ones.   More......)





Posting February 11, 2018 Re: Current Frequency, Violet Children, United Nations


“There is a frequency that many individuals are feeling, which brings about an underlying fear of something that is pending, or about to happen. What is actually occurring is that on the new moon of 1-17 and the full moon of 1/31, many astrological planetary frequencies came together, along with the “rising frequency of the planet” which is now affecting “sensitive humanity.” This part of humanity is now at a “higher frequency” of change, which it does not recognize, and it manifests this pending fear of the unknown. This is a time to acclimate and not fight the sensations of discomfort, sleepless nights, along with pains associated with this change, which will eventually subside.”


Through the above inspiration received, it explains what has been affecting many readers of these postings. The planet and the universe is daily expanding, but it is most strongly felt when “points of least resistance,” regarding earthquakes and planetary influences, affects the frequency of the human body. At a lower level of consciousness, it affects “undeveloped mankind” creating violence, along with the elements of the “four lower quadrant”.


What brings relief is to lay down on a flat surface, or carpeted floor, for 15 to 30 minutes daily, or as needed, in order to acclimate to this higher frequency. Relax, align yourself, breathe deeply, hold it, then slowly release, and surrender without fighting it. You will soon acclimate to this higher frequency, which will be beneficial in 2018. Most importantly, do not get distracted by all that is in the media. Do not stray from your personal Divine Plan, or your Creativity, as 2018 can be a time of Abundance, Joy, and Prosperity. Acclimate as soon as possible.


The Violet Children/Beacons of Light

As we start in 2018, three separate groups of Children of the Light will continue to come into focus and upfront above the rest. Those of the Blue Ray are speaking up against bad behavior, misrepresentation, and bringing dark activity out into the open for all to see. They’re focused in the throat energy center/chakra.  


The next group is the Indigo Children, focused in the third eye energy center/chakra at the forehead. These are the active participants of change. They have no fear and will meet and confront all areas of darkness head-on until honesty and righteousness prevails. They are fighters of change, but have to be careful that in their eagerness to create change, they may end up in the same situation, as those they try to overcome. They must align with the Divine Source on a daily basis, never wavering from the light, and being aware of the “four lower quadrant,” which can destroy. (This is: Anger, hate, guilt, and fear.)


The next group, at a higher level of consciousness, are the Violet Children; also known as the “beacons of light” focused in the crown energy center/chakra above the head. Most of these individuals chose to incarnate during this specific time to help humanity and the planet. They volunteered when the call was made. Some are awake to their purpose, and some are not.    More......)





Posting January 24, 2018  Re: The Messenger, Law of Cycles, Sensitives


“I Am” Learning To Be A Messenger

My present role is that of learning to be a Messenger. However, one can learn from a messenger, by the words spoken, even though the words spoken, may not originate from the messenger. Everyone is learning from whatever their function in life may be. In other words, if you are blessed to be a professional teacher at a college, means you are learning to be a better teacher until you arrive at a point of perfection. This is light! Once you reach perfection, you will no longer find the need to be a professional teacher at a college. You now move on to something else to perfect, free of distractions. This is how the planet Earth functions for the Children of the Light, regardless of their position in life; all are important..


I am often reminded that at lower levels of consciousness, we learn until we reach a certain level of awareness, where we start remembering. But we can’t understand what it is that we are remembering. This starts the awakening process. We then start asking questions, along with questioning ourselves, as to why we are born in this environment we find ourselves in, and what is our purpose in life? There is a strange feeling that we do not belong here. This is not our home. Yes, the awakening process has started. You may presently not remember, but most of you chose to be here. Yes…. Most of you volunteered for this “adventure in life” and with a purpose. Each one of you has a special “point of light,”….. and that is why you were asked to volunteer.


The Law of Cycles in 2018  (A New Wave of Awakening)

A new wave of Children to Light will start awakening to this “point of light” within their heart center. As they align themselves with their “I Am” Presence, this radiance of light will start to awaken “memories and purpose.” Memories of past experiences in this lifetime may start to surface, as well as, in some instances, memories of past lifetimes. See this as a blessing! Transmute and forgive each memory on a nightly basis within 3 minutes or less. Even in dreams, you may see friends, relatives, and acquaintances that need forgiveness and balance, even though you may not remember what for. It is for their benefit that you forgive and bless everyone. They need your blessing; your radiance, from your “point of light.” This will heal, forgive, and balance. (Review Ch. 8 “Transmutation”)   More......)





Posting December 31, 2017  Re:  2018, Happy New Year


I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and are prepared for a very interesting 2018. As a reminder for new visitors, this Website is specifically for the awakening Children of the Light. At first, some subjects may be difficult to understand, but of course, everyone is welcome to these “inspired messages.”


“We are once again reminded that the One Law the Universe is Love, Peace, and Harmony radiating from the Divine Source we call God. See this life as a school of your own making and your participation, as we evolve in this frequency of Light.


As humanity evolves from primitive type mankind, to today’s modern type mankind, some “man-made religions & old belief systems” may fall by the wayside for those who seek the Higher Light. These individuals are now ready for a higher state of awakening taught to a few individuals by the Master 2,000 years ago. These individuals were ready to receive; those in the present are now ready.


In the present, a great multitude of these new awakening Children of Light, regardless of age, may now awaken to the opportunity to “Ascend” in this life-time. For these special individuals, the “second coming” will be realized in the heart center…… where Love, Peace, and Harmony will prevail in daily life……. They are free of the “four lower quadrant” of anger, hate, guilt, and fear.

The Messengers of the Light


According to the inspirations received, everything that exists is God Energy….. Within The Law of Threes, The Law Polarities, and The Law of Cycles; this is explained in the book “A Step into the Light.” (Download a free copy.) It is important to respect all religions, which are a learning experience that will eventually lift the seeker to the Light. All religions are true to the “evolutionary level” of the participants, especially if they are free of anger, hate, guilt, and fear. The seeker will eventually realize this darkness releasing themselves from the four lower quadrant in search of “Truth,” which is “Light.” Where there is light darkness cannot exist. This will be true in 2018!     More......)





Posting November 27, 2017 Re: A Step Into The Light, 3 Major Belief Systems


“Again, we are reminded that the One Law of the Universe is Love, Peace, and Harmony; this is the Sacred Trinity of the Divine. There are many dimensions, and many parallel realities, but at the present moment we should only concern ourselves, as to what level of consciousness, we may resonate in this present moment in time. Life is a school of our own making and our own participation, and each human being is at their own level of “awakening consciousness,” or of being awake, to the greater light. These different levels of consciousness are many as each individual participates in their individual preordained destiny to learn and participate. You are now the awakening Children of the Light!”


The greatest gift to understand this principle is by reading the book, A Step into the Light. This book cannot be assimilated by one reading. I read this book, sometimes up to three times a year for over ten years, and each time I awaken to certain passages that I did not understand, or even remember seeing in my previous readings. This is why The Messengers entitled it, “A Step into the Light.” Each time you read it, you reach another level of awakening.


Once we understand The Law of Threes, certain things, and even certain mysteries start to unfold. After reading the book, certain enlightening information may present itself as “signposts” during the day, or even in our dreams, or in moments of contemplation, prayer, and meditation. The Messengers suggest reading a chapter each week, and apply what you read to your daily activities.


Presently at this point in time, the knowledge that we are a threefold persona within the actual physical body is vitally important to understand as the planet evolves in this “expansion of light.” We consist of a mental body, and emotional body, and an inner physical body, within the “outer physical body of form.” What we “think” in the mental body, and what we “feel” in the emotional body, is now directed and manifested to our “outer physical body of form.” We are what we “think” and what we “feel.” Eventually, we will understand this principle.    More......)





"A Step into The Light"

According to the Messengers of the Light, the "second coming" is awakening in the "heart center" to all of humanity that are now in the process of releasing the elements of the "four lower quadrant" of undeveloped mankind. We must daily acknowledge, release, and transmute Anger, Hate, Guilt, and most importantly, Fear, in order to have Love, Peace & Harmony in our hearts. It is time to adapt to the rising frequency of the planet, release and transcend the quadrant, and enjoy life. (I highly encourage everyone to read the book  "A Step Into The Light." If you are a skeptic, or even if you just want a free eBook download, follow the below link and you will get one free. This ebook by the Messengers has a certain energy that each time you read it, you awaken to additional higher truths. There are no strings attached. Download it now and start reading immediately.  PLM) 


"Author's Special Offer"

For Free ebook downloads & other interesting articles; along with live radio interview links, visit:

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Please read the "free" immediate downloads of the book "Relationships" and "Dependency On Drugs & Alcohol." There is so much information on these two subjects that will change your life. (If you have never downloaded an eBook, it is very simple. You will be given simple instructions when you visit Blue Gem Download the free eBooks and you can start reading immediately. Or you can read it online. Even a child can download with the instructions given. Please do not hesitate to access this "free" information.

"Relationships" is an uplifting book with information by the Messengers of the Light that you will not find anywhere. It speaks about unbalanced relationships, soul mates, business relationships, and family relationships, with many examples and interesting topics that will bring awareness.

The eBook chapter of the title "Dependency On Drugs & Alcohol" (and those that we believe we love, and all other vices) will give you knowledge that will surprise and may save someone's life. Scroll down on the left panel on this webpage. Do it now, and start reading immediately. Just click on the book cover to visit Blue Gem Books, it is free.  PLM.


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